Ilaria Diotallevi

I will apply the first rule of writing: make it short and sweet.

My name is Ilaria, I am 25. I’m a law graduate, turned international journalist, turned assistant MEP, now hoping to turn journalist-or-press-officer in the luxury field.

Writing is my passion, ballet is my therapy, shopping is my vice, living to the fullest is my greatest hope.

The city of my dreams? Paris. My favorite food? Sushi. My favorite hobby? Too many to be counted. There are so many exciting things to experience around us! My favorite animal? Cat (but I have a little spoiled princess dog that I adore). My favorite book? Impossible to tell. I read always, everywhere, anything. And, even if the “intellighenzia” of readers would be disgusted, I tend to like trash romantic comedies and absurd fantasy novels as well as my beloved french, english and russian literature. Last but not least, what drives my life? Beauty and Love. I look for them, I live of them.

Better to stop here, because my thoughts go faster than I can stand and I risk to contradict my opening.

And anyway, isn’t a bit of mystery the better presentation? 😉


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