Giulia Laudani


My name is Giulia, but most of the people don’t know that I have three names because of a family tradition, so next to my “beautiful” picture of my identity card Isabella and Teresa stand proud. In spite of this I’m not a triple personalities person, maybe because I was born under the harmonic and too peaceful sign of Libra on the 19th of October 1991. I was born and raised in Milan but due to my father, some Sicilian blood runs through my veins.
Last February, I’ve graduated in Foreign Languages for International Relations at Cattolica University in Milan, where I studied English, Spanish and political subjects.
During my studies I had a two months volunteering internship in Brazil, where I made workshops with children with difficult family situations. I had an amazing time, I made friends for life and I had the opportunity to understand their culture and lifestyle but especially to learn Portuguese, with which I completely fell in love. I chose to live this experience during my studies because I was tired of learning just theory and nothing else than theory, and I wanted to challenge myself with something new and different.
After my graduation I decided to look for my first real job because, again, I wanted to learn something different from mere theory. My first desire was to find something in which I could use the languages I had been studying for many years and the second was to find something in fashion, since I’ve always been attracted by the mechanisms and stirrings of this world. Actually I was really lucky because after a while I was hired as an intern at Chanel, to work as sales assistant in their boutique in the Quadrilatero. It was a totally positive experience in which I’ve learnt so much, first about luxury customers and the right approach with them. Moreover I understood something more about me, like my limits and my strengths, and I’ve also learnt a lot about teamwork.
I’m naturally attracted by Beauty: I love nature and sunsets, I love taking pictures, travelling, going to exhibitions and finding beauty all around me, it really touches my soul. It’s for this reason maybe that I’m attracted by the luxury world, the true one, because I think it is tightly connected to emotions and the love for beauty, both in fashion, design, good food or wine and especially experiential luxury.
I hope that this master will give me the knowledge to enter inside this world and I’m already trying my best to focus on it, learn a lot and clear my ideas, understanding on my way in which sector of luxury I’m most passionate about. So let’s stay strong and positive, right attitude, right results.


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