Fabiana Allinio


“Where there is love there is life” – Gandhi

My key words and mottos in life: Live…..be humble….take care of your soul and inner richness….love fully….give…forgive….apologize….dream…dare…pursue…don’t be afraid and if you are, be courageous…feel your life and don’t regret anything that made you smile.

To make it short: I grew up in the U.S.A., I obtained a BA in Public Relations&Advertising (IULM-Milano), and a Master in Marketing Leadership and International Business (University of Bergamo-2013) during which I also attended a Business Innovation program at Univ. of Washington Bothell Business School . I am fluent in English and able to relate myself with people worldwide thanks to my experience in the States. I’m very active, full of ideas and intuitive, I love finding solutions and reaching new objectives.

I’m loyal, determined, stubborn but open-minded.  I appreciate the good, small and simple things in life: I enjoy being in nature, I love dogs, I love good food and wine, I love everything that has an engine and makes me feel free (boats- but small ones so I can enjoy the wind and feeling close to water, cars and motorcycles). I enjoy playing the piano and reproducing songs even though I can’t read notes, I love sports and do ice-skating competitions.   I get goosebumps when I hear a nice song when I’m driving and there is a beautiful sunset, I’m very passionate and I like feeling everything in order to live it fully.

I had some working experiences that I enjoyed in project management and  marketing&communication, but since I also have a passion for marketing in the luxury world I decided to change things and begin this new journey. I hope this Master will give me all the tools I need to specialize in this sector and am looking forward to doing my best.

xox Fabiana



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