I was born in the South of Italy in 1988. To be more precise, I’m from Naples, the city of sea, sun , pizza and Sfogliatella.

I graduated in Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication at the University of Naples, l’Orientale.

I studied English, Arabic and Spanish during my university career.

I’m really keen on learning and knowing other cultures and languages.

Thank to a scholarship won about a year ago, I had the opportunity to work as a trainee for nearly 5 months in a Anglo-arabic Marketing company in London which included a School of English language as well.

I worked as translator and interpreter as well as language assistant and events and communication agent. I improved many skills useful to work in a company.

I’m a willing, open-minded and determined person even if sometimes I’m a little bit stubborn.

I love singing, watching American telefilms and travelling a lot; but there’s only one thing that I’ll never “leave”all

my lifetime: my family. Family for me is not important but it’s everything.

Furthermore I have always had a strong passion for fashion, luxury and everything related to this intriguing, stimulating and fascinating world.

The sectors I’m profoundly interested in are different, such as Jewellery, Accessories , Sartorial apparel and many others of luxury field.

I have a particular inclination for Communication, Events and International relations (export of made in Italy).

Nonetheless I want to learn deeply also the economic aspects and stategies in order to acquire all the skills needed to be an efficient and valuable element in the company I’ll be working for.

For the first time I discovered a Master that includes both my biggest passion: English and Fashion and Luxury world.

In this manner I can continue practicing my English while studying the specifities of Luxury Management and its career possibilities in a combination of passion and professionalism.

I’m ready to study hard and make many sacrifices in order to reach my goals.

I’m quite sure that the Master of Il Sole24ore will provide me with all the basis and crucial skills to start a brilliant career, but I’m also aware that my future is in “my hands”.

I’ll do the best for myself, for all the sacrifices i’ve made until now and for all the people who believe in me.




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