Bianca Maria Reali




Life is too short to waste time living someone else’s life!

Be your charming you, react to the music that makes you move, share your smile and  drink excellent    wine.

This is my mantra!

Who am I?

Blonde and bright thinking,

27 years old, I have studied Mandarin for nearly 7 years in Rome, Venice, Milan and Beijing but I still consider it as my Rubik’s Cube! I love my Country and its flawless manufacture and I would really like to devote myself to them.

Until now my study background and work experiences have polarized on the promotion and sales of excellent Made in Italy, from gourmet food, to great wine to flawless clothing, arts and music. With wealthy  foreign customers as my target.

I worked as a consultant for a fundraiser company based in Milan, stressing on Italian Know-how on philantropic projects. I was a chinese-Italian translator and promoter for a Italian Design Institute, an assistant Director for an Opera festival in Perugia and agent for an Italian music duo in Hong Kong.

I was a foreign sales and supply chain employee for a bike designer and I had the chance to learn the importance and power of the Italian “Gusto” and our innate creativity.

I was a sales assistant in Peuterey boutique in Milan and had an amazing job experince as commercial employee and guide in a Winery in Montalcino that taught me a lot about the charming world of wine and the value of heritage and tradition of a Company.

And finally my favourite and richest experience at  Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong & Macao, that summed up all my desires, skills and interests. In Hong Kong I had the chance to be immersed in a totally international context, to meet and work for people from all over the world, to deal with some of the best italian luxury brands -such as Ferragamo, Cucinelli, Maserati just to name some ones.

I had the possibility to organize all kind of events for the promotion of Made in Italy, from cars, wine, food, frangrances, arts, music, and the tasks I was assigned to, with their very strict deadlines were challenging and exciting at the same time.

I did my job with passion and all my energy because I firmly believe in the captivating power of Made in Italy and irreplaceable quality of Italian craftsmanship. When it comes to luxury, Italian  food, wine and fashion they all boast the perfect taste, something intangible, due to our history, centuries of tradition, and our sense of beauty.

For all these reasons I really would love to become a manager of Italian Luxury in the world.

But Italian Luxury has to be promoted and marketed in a proper way and I still miss all the credentials.

That’s why I decided to apply for The International Master Luxury Management.

Voilà my story!


Until last month I had a good job, my house, my car and my daily schedule.  I overturned my life.

Now I am back to school, I have new books to study, billion of data to collect, and I often feel I am the most ignorant person in the class 😉

BUT I know this is my path, it’s me!

As stated the brilliant Steve Jobs:  “If you don’t love something, you’re not going to go the extra mile, work the extra weekend, challenge the status quo as much.”

….So let’s work hard on it, day by day and…last but not least,  let’s have fun in this fashion Milan!!

See you soon,


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