Federica Marconi Fornari

I am 23 years old, Leo, wholly made in Italy, graduate at IULM University in Communication Media and Advertising. Soon after graduation I moved alone to Miami for a work experience in FENDI Casa Marketing Department where I learnt and enjoyed every single day! I have always been a very creative person, I chose my university course study because of my predisposition toward literature and my passion for creative writing. I really enjoy playing my piano, practicing both yoga and pole dancing and baking (like no tomorrow) all kind of sweets but in a very personal-healthy version in order to keep an healthy lifestyle!

My greatest passion is linked to Motorsport in fact I love watching Formula1 and reading cars magazines. I still love to write and last year I tried a collaboration with an Australian online magazine: The article was about the Luxury fashion brands collaborations with fast fashion chains. Thanks to this experiment, I felt growing a serious interest toward Luxury field. While I was student at IULM, I have deepened my knowledge for what concerns the Communications Studies and I tried to master the languages I had previously learnt (English, Spanish and French).

Having two Brazilian friends who spoke a little English and very little Italian, I decided to learn myself Portuguese in order to improve my social interaction with them and that was the best decision I could ever take because by learning Portuguese I also discovered another world: a new country and culture with so much to share with!

A great communication between people is the key to share lives and souls deeply. For this reason I believe that communicating properly is like driving a Ferrari: it makes you feel FREE, INDIPENDENT and POWERFUL but it costs efforts, and like always in life (and especially in luxury) nothing is for free! IMG_3448.JPG http://it.linkedin.com/pub/federica-marconi-fornari/41/611/908

Pic credits: http://blog.alwaysfashion.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Kate-Moss-Ritz-Paris.jpg


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