Valentina Maria Fabbri

I was born on the 14th of May 1987 and I am a Master’s Graduate (November 2013) from the Faculty of Government Sciences and Public Communications at LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome.

During my university career I have had the opportunity to explore the fields related to social sciences and my passion for the industrial sectors related to luxury, cosmetics and haute couture have also brought me to expand upon my personal understanding through independent research and studies. Completely obsessed by Luxury cosmetics, definetely my first love, which really inspired me and together with travel passion and chic french films, it encouraged me to consider the luxury world as a concrete working opportunity.

My actual working experiences were right in the heart of the Parisian luxury industry: the first one as a sales and shop management assistant and the second one as a showroom assistant (October 2013 – September 2014).

Through them I came to understand two important aspects: first of all, one of the main purposes of this highly specialised industry, which makes up the world of Luxury and haute couture, is the ability to successfully construct accurate projections and create eye-catching and constantly desirable imagines that have as their principle goal to “sell a dream”. I want to become able to propose and sell that sparkling dream, already being supported by a certain sensitivity, curiosity and enthousiasm.

To conclude, I realised that I needed to further integrate my preparation with additional courses of study, which are aimed to provide me with specific knowledge and tools directly related to management within the luxury industry. This, above all, will contribute to becoming a more attractive resource for a prospective employer. I hope and expect that the full-time Master programme in “Luxury Management” promoted by Sole 24ore will help me to fulfill my objectives.

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