Quality, exclusivity, perfection, elegance, experience, comfort, then going through feelings, time, good moments… Watches, jewellery, cars, yatches, hotels, spas, events, white alba trufle – US$ 160 thousand for 1,5 kg-, or all. Those are some words that define luxury.

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Made in Italy: Italian Leather Industry

Our group Luxury 365 team composition: Dalila Coppeta, Nicole Petitti, Andrea Prato, Ludovica Quagliato, Daniel Shavit. Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 17.02.16 Link to our presentation: Leather Presentation PDF We decided to focus our work on the place and perception of Italy’s leather market. Findings from our research have shown that the Italian leather market is the global leader showcasing high growth of production and exports. Both consumers  and producers associate Italian leather with quality, authenticity and craftsmanship.  The industry has resisted outsourcing and boomed thanks to emphasis on production of high added-value goods. Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 17.02.38 We then took on the case of Bottega Veneta.  This Italian success story was born out of the integration of excellent product development and communication and visionary management.  The company foresaw the rise of Asia and already conducts a majority of its sales in the region.  As a testimony of its success,until recently CEO, Marco Bizzari was named head of Gucci. Bottega Veneta is an outstanding example of the Italian leather excellence and high quality.

Giulia Ferrari

Hi everybody,

My name is Giulia, I’m 24 years old and I come from Reggio-Emilia. I’ve studied Foreign Languages for Communication in Enterprises and International Organizations at the University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia and, after two important internship experiences within the fashion industry, I’ve decided to apply for this Master willing to enter easily (hopefully) this sector and to work as a PR.

Well… what do I expect from this Master? I expect it to be MY chance to enter the fabulous world of fashion and luxury, my occasion to demonstrate the skills I have and to learn everything I must know to face and to enter the world of work prepared, motivated and ready

My mantra is a quotation by the Dalai Lama, which states:

“ Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before.”

I’ve picked this one because travel is one of my biggest passions and because I truly believe that travel could sometimes be a kind of a medicine for both the soul and the body.

In my free time I also like practicing Yoga, going TO PARIS, taking pictures (possibly Polaroid ones since I collect them), going and participating to vintage markets singing, listening to music and going to gigs.

I wish you all a wonderful experience guys!



sunmi Jin

I finished my study (MBA) in USA and in Estonia studying on a Master degree in h
ospitality Management. I have worked in Hyundai as a manager and  hotel as an Executive assistant manager. Prior to my Master’s degree I undertook a BS degree in  Korea. Part of the time I spent in China and Australia on various programs of studies.I have throughout my study and work been exposed to different universities and cultures, Europe, America and Asia. Which is able to me to understand diverse cultures and experiences.

I have  a passion to succeed. Having said that I am also a team player and recognize the importance of doing things within a group, I accept that there are different cultures and values in the world, that there are many right ways to achieve an objective and goal and that listening to other views and opinions is a most important human quality.                   In addition to my academic life, I enjoy a good social life, have a variety of interests and hobbies and have traveled extensively in the world. To a large extent I consider myself as a citizen of the world and find meeting people from different cultures stimulating and enjoyable. I’ve noticed the differences between cultures however what is more prevalent and obvious to me are the similarities and values all humans have irrespective of their cultures. People fascinate me in general .

Mario Marcucci


“Anassimandro di Mileto, discepolo di Talete, per primo ardì disegnare su una carta la terra abitata: dopo di lui Ecateo di Mileto, viaggiatore instancabile, la perfezionò sì da farne un’opera mirabile.”

Eratostene di Cirene

I believe only through the passion for the discovery and the willingness to know and understand we can take awareness of ourselves as individuals and as human kind.

I am nomad for choice and for destiny.

I was born in Cagliari and there is a beautiful port.

I research constantly the surprise of the discovery, the pleasure to comunicate with who lives in realities different from mine. Since very young I was dazzled by Ulysse’s adventures, I admired his way to be a pioneer, to overpass the adversities, to discover other realities, to leave the safe port of his home town to reach the unknown.

I am in Milan, there is no port but this is the city where I live now and from where I will start a new adventure which I believe one day will lead me to speak to people of different countries about our Italian products, their history, their value and doing so letting them know about my country .

“Né dolcezza di figlio, né la pieta del vecchio padre, né ‘l debito amore lo qual dovea Penelopè far lieta,

vincer potero dentro a me l’ardore ch’i’ ebbi a divenir del mondo esperto e de li vizi umani e del valore.”

Dante – Divina Commedia, Inferno




Francesco Grossi


I’m Francesco, 25 years old and I come from a small small small town not far from Pesaro.

I graduated last 2 April 2014 in Economics and Company Management, Marketing specialization. I’ve done my whole university course of study at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, where I could develop skills in both business management (while studying for Bachelor Degree) and marketing, exploring all aspects of that subject (especially during the studies for Master Degree).

My passion for Luxury and Fashion was immediately expressed when I did my first work experience for a curricular internship. I was hired by a clothing company (Joe Rivetto), in which I worked for three months as an intern in the production field, managing orders of primary products which arrived from a foreign company and that had to be ordered, registered and continuously updated. I was also assistant manager for the administration of customers, contracts, orders, payments and archive. My supervisors have so much enjoyed my work that they have proposed to me to develop a Joe Rivetto’s marketing campaign and a businnes plan for my International Marketing class. During this internship I have developed even more my passion for the work environment related to the Fashion industry and to the Luxury field and I’ve developed also the idea that the future of Italy is in the “Made In Italy” itself and it would be amazing if I could combine my marketing skills with this fascinating world.

But my life is not all about study and work!!! I strongly believe that to reach happiness you’ve to balance the serious part of your life with the easy and funny one.

I have lot of hobbies and passions and during my spare time i like to do many things: First of all I like to play soccer and i’m a big Juventus fan. I played at competitive levels for years and years, but when i realized that I would not become Cristiano Ronaldo i decided to play soccer just for fun. However I like to be competitive and during the last years i’ve found another way to challenge myself. I started to go fishin’. The best part of this hobby is the particular way to live the nature and admire all the things that she can give to you only respecting her. I also play guitar since i was a little child and my father was my first teacher. Obviously music is a big part of my life…I love her and she loves me.

Nowadays i’m trying to carry on all of my passions but my top focus is around the Master.

I wish to attend this Master to strengthen my training path and to develop skills and capacities in the field of Luxury. I am sure that the experience of the Master in Luxury Management will be also exciting and constructive, because it is a training course in close contact with leading companies and professional teachers who guide the young participants with commitment and passion. My hope is to improve my knowledge and to be able to assert myself in the field of Luxury putting into practice what I have learned. Also my dynamic, creative and predisposed to public relations nature makes me sure I can finish this next phase of study of my life in a satisfactory way.



Lavinia Pontello Strozzi

Schermata 2015-02-10 a 23.30.13


My name is Lavinia, I am 26 and was born and raised in Florence, the cradle of Renaissance. I have always been curious and eager to take on new challenges. At the age of 19 I moved to Milan to pursue undergraduate studies in Business Administration and then decided to add an International perspective to my academic preparation by completing a Master’s Degree in Accounting at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

Living in London has opened my eyes to a wealth of new opportunities in terms of social and professional networking and has helped me identify my ideal career path. After interning in the Business Development departments of two major fashion companies, Ferragamo and Prada, I resolved that I wanted to pursue a career in the luxury good sector. The practical knowledge and expertise I gained through both these experiences encouraged me to try my hand as an entrepreneur by cooperating in the start up of a company producing Spanish Espadrilles.

Determination, perfectionism, modesty and a positive attitude – smiling is the key to success in business– combined with a good sense of humour – are my strongest points.

Adventurous journeys (my trip to Nepal was the most exciting experience I’ve ever had!!), reading, skiing and playing tennis are my favourite leisure activities. I’m also addicted to movies and, over the years, I have cultivated this passion by acquiring a solid grounding in cinema history through self-taught learning as well as by working for a fashion movie company. I greatly admire Luchino Visconti’s lavish style: The Leopard is my favourite movie – if I ever have a son I will call him “Tancredi”!!!

Last but not least I am a contemporary art lover. I have an innate hedonistic vein and a keen interest in the arts – Gerhard Richter, Jean Dubuffet and Jean-Michel Basquiat are the artists I love. I will never forget my amazing internship with the Contemporary Art Department at Sotheby’s, London.

My dream? I am determined to pursue my “Italian dream”, which is, as a future entrepreneur in the luxury sector, to make my contribution to safeguarding, promoting and exporting Italy’s cultural heritage and manufacturing tradition internationally. Will I accomplish my intended goal? Of course I will . As Paulo Coelho would put it: “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure”. But I am not afraid of failure becuase I totaly share Keats’ view when he stated that “I would sooner fail than not be among the best”



Giulia Nora



My name is Giulia Nora, i’m 25 years old and i’m from Correggio, a small town in northern Italy. I attended the three year course in FASHION MARKETING & COMMUNICATION at the Polimoda International Institute of Florence, and before i studied Fashion Design in the same Institute for one year.

Fashion has always been the great love of my life, so three years ago, i decided to undertake an accademic course able to provide me with the tools needed in this area of work. Fashion form me has always been much more than a field of work: i consider it a real art form, which is expressed through the talent of visionary disegners, able to connect this world with music, cinema, art and much more.

The italian brand to which i feel more connected is Salvatore Ferragamo, as i think is one of the few brands to keep the most authentic meaning of “Made in Italy” whithin its collections. Other brands that i love are Celine, Hermès, Givenchy and Fendi.

When i go into a shop i like to smell the smell of leather shoes and bags, touch the quality of the tissues with which is made a dress and observe the seams that make it up; i believe that this focus on quality and aesthetics comes from my mother, who has always worked in the world of men’s tailoring and then sent me this attitude.

My biggest dream is to become Communications Director for a fashion house. I’ve always been fascinated by the rules that govern the way in which the world of luxury is presented and communicated to potential costumers and to all those who love to dream.


…Se lo puoi sognare, lo puoi fare.





Photo Credit www.etsy.com

Marta Bussi



Tall, blonde, blue eyes, I am Italian, even though I don’t look like.

I come from the Venetian countryside and I’ve studied in different cities. In every place I’ve lived I’ve learned something different: in Venice, the sense of being surrounded by beauty; in Paris, the chance of being a woman; in Bologna, the importance of the square as a place where people take back their right of citizens.

During this time, I understood what I really like: silences and people able to share a silence, colours and roots of a word, poppies and tulips as two different expressions of delicacy, and paper as the most evocative medium.

My background studies are mainly focused on humanistic disciplines, foreign languages and Italian studies. After I took my Bachelor degree in foreign languages and literatures at Cà Foscari, University of Venice, I felt that I could not really embrace anything of a stranger identity if I didn’t master my own at first.

This passage made me aware that identity doesn’t go through only monuments and books, but its most alive part permeates objects produced by the hands of artisans. For this reason I decided to attend the Master in International Luxury Management, in order to acquire the tools to manage this part of identity.


1094756_10151757395459367_27777706_o (2)

Nicole Petitti



My name is Nicole Petitti, 23 years old, I am half Italian and half Russian. I was born in Rome, but grew up in Milan where I studied at the American School and then went to Bocconi University and graduated in Economics & Management of arts, culture and communication.

After getting my bachelor degree I moved to Barcelona where i spent the past 2 years. While there, I learned spanish and started working in a fashion multinational company. After this amazing experience I saw the chance to go back to Italy and start working in an emerging start up jewelry brand in Milan. It was inspiring and at the same time it pushed me to desire to go back to my studies.

During my life I have spent a lot of time abroad and in multicultural environments and I noticed how much people loved our country, our culture and our creative nature, from design, to food, art and fashion. To me luxury is the highest expression of what Italy can offer and my wish is to dedicate myself into discovering these excellences and make other people discover and experience them.

About myself I can say I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, wherever you bring me I’m happy. I love reading 600 pages historic novels, watching movies, just not horrors because I get too scared and then music from rock&roll, to hip hop and electronic. I inherited from my father the passion for wine, gourmet food and beautiful lifestyle while from my mother I learnt about fashion, elegance and good taste.

I decided to follow this path and start this master because of my past experiences, my personal interests and  cultural background. I expect it to give me a deep and more detailed knowledge about the luxury industry, from fashion to design and especially on the experiential side of luxury, the enogastromic field, travel and hotelerie, which are my biggest passions.







Photo Credits: Yves Klein, Big Blue Anthropometry, 1960

Linda Pittis


My name is Linda Pittis, I was born on August 1st, 1990, in Imperia. But I was raised in Diano Marina, a small town overlooking the Ligurian Sea in Italy. My father is Italian and my mother is Thai.

During my university studies I worked at Valentino Fashion Group S.p.a. in Milan, helping the management team to display the Valentino Garavani Collection and assisting salespeople and buyers with sales.
After achieving my Bachelor degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication at the Iulm University of Milan, I decided to move to Bangkok to work as a Fellow Researcher at the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce and improve my Thai language skills.
Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about both countries: Italy and Thailand. Working at Italasia Co. Ltd, an import-export distributor of wines and spirits – a good link between the European, Australian and Thai market – was a great chance to compare different cultures and nationalities, meet new interesting people and acquire knowledge on the food & beverage industry.

My main fields of interest are luxury management, fashion marketing, hospitality and f&b industry.
I love fashion in particular accessories, art, nature and everything connected with beauty and originality. Thinking about my favorite hobbies I happily remind ballet. I have done dance since I was a small child and recently I’m getting familiar with yoga.

When I have free time I like to do several activities. I listen different music genres: pop-rock, electronic, hip hop, R&B and Italian music too. Some of my favorites are Lady Gaga, Mina, Rihanna, Lykke Li, Coldplay, Donna Summer, Disclosure, Cassie and Wiz Khalifa.

My favorite movies are The Dreamers, Pulp Fiction, Little Miss Sunshine, Life of Pi, Vanilla Sky and traditional Disney productions.

I like reading. It’s a good exercise to train imagination and creativity. The last book I read is a novel, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, written by Dai Sijie.

I am reliable, listener, a good friend, on time and positive with people.
An adventurous traveller, foodie, outdoor minded and I enjoy life with friends.
I believe in strong family values, friendship, respect, courage in one’s convictions, caring, simplicity and responsibility.

If you can’t be a pine on the top of the hill,
Be a shrub in the valley—but be
The best little shrub at the side of the hill;
Be a bush if you can’t be a tree.
We can’t all be captains,
We’ve got to be crew.
There’s something for all of us here;
There is big work to do, and there’s lesser to do
And the task we must do is the near.
If you can’t be a highway, then just be a trail,
If you can’t be the sun, be a star;
It isn’t the size that you win or you fail
Be the best of whatever you are.
(Marting Luther King)

What I expect from this experience at Sole 24 Ore Business School is to improve myself, grow up and start a professional career in a company that encourages “Made in Italy” in the world.



Photo Credit: www.ritzcarlton.com

Andrea Prato


22 years old Italian boy from Genoa living in Milan dreaming to succeed in the fashion industry. Fashion Stylist, Casting Director Assistant, and interested in whatever is related to beauty.

Instagram addicted, animal lover, vegetarian, slightly obsessed with models.

“Never a failure, always a lesson” is the quote that best represents me.

I love spending time with my family, especially with my grandma who is basically the only memeber of the family who shares with me the passion for the fashion world; I left home when I was 18 so I started to create a “second family” with all the friends that I have met during my university experience. I love going out with them or even just calling and catching up with the news. I also like going to the movies or going out to eat discovering new places.

I have many goals and many aspirations, but I learned that the first thing to aspire to is to be happy and feel good about themselves. This is my “mantra” every single day.

I’m enjoying so much this Luxury Management Master so far. Not just because I’m able to know true professionals who teach me and give me the knowledge that i need to succeed in this world (which was what i excepted from this master), but also because I had the possibility to know beautiful people, everyone with a different story and able to give me something different; I already include them in my second family and I’m sure we wil live unforgettable experiences together.

So that’s all for now,

Hear you soon



Photo Credit: letmyinspirationflow.tumblr.com


Valerio Cataldo




“ Who does not risk, does not win”

24 years ago … It was January and I could not wait to see the light of my amazing city, Rome!
I’ve just graduated ( with honors=) in business administration at the School of Economics of Rome Tor Vergata. I have a scientific and managerial background, I speak English and French ( it’s my favorite language) and I have always been interested in everything that is part of the great concept of fashion and beauty. But it was during my dissertation that my vocation came out. Fashion spread out everywhere along my thesis on “Corporate Social Responsibility in the fashion industry”.
I am an open-minded and dynamic guy with a sunny nature but also very flexible and able to adapt my behavior to suit different situations. Let’s say that If I want I can act as a chameleon. I like being around people and know what they think. In case I prefer to talk rather than not give my opinion. Talking is better than silence, it enriches. I love my family (my sisters are my greatest love), my friends, volleyball, music, shopping, art exhibitions, concerts, Oriental cuisine, organic food and travels.
Traveling is the best way to enjoy life and to gain experience in a healthy and funny way.

  • Favorite brand: Brunello Cucinelli, I love its business model, he created the humanistic enterprise.
  • Favorite designer: Gianni Versace, he was so unconventional.
  • Favorite artist: Salvator Dalì, every work of art looks like a nightmare.
  • Favorite movie: Shining Through, it’s the perfect balance among war, love and irony.
  • Favorite singer: Amy Winehouse, her voice was unique and touching.
  • Favorite color: gray, it goes well with everything.

What do I expect from this master? At first learn as much as possible about luxury, fashion and Made in Italy, especially as the creative side is concerned. Then have fun, because every experience must leave a beautiful memory and finally ( the most important=) have the opportunity to become part of a creative and serious enterprise that believes in the future.
Because a young guy is more than an internship but a resource in which to invest.

                                                        immagine per blog


Ludovica Quagliato


I’m a twenty-five year old girl, coming  from Rome, where I’ve attended a Law course at Luiss Guido Carli University, and where I graduated one year ago. After my graduation, I moved to London in order to improve my English and to live a new experience abroad, sharing my life with other people from all over the world. This aspect was the most interesting and the most formative, because I think that you can open your mind just meeting other cultures and lifestyles. I’m an outgoing and determined person, humble and reliable. On the other hand my biggest weakness is my way of approaching the job: I’m a perfectionist, this  is positive in one way, but  sometimes I become nervous because I chase the perfection, and it is not always possible.

I’ve always been interested in management and luxury markets, even if I choose another course at university, which allowed me to achieve a great method of study. I’ve a few hobbies and I try to follow them as much as I can. First of all, my favorite hobby is photography: I think that is the only way to fix a moment forever and it is something so fascinating; you can find a picture after years and immediately recall where it was taken and what was happening around and inside of you. I love photography exhibitions, and I always go to see them in Rome; one of the most impressive was Steve Mcarry’s, at Macro MuseumTestaccio in Rome. It changed my way of looking at this passion. My second passion is skiing, even if living in Rome makes it difficult to practice, but yet it is the only sport that I like doing the best.

I’ve chosen an international master course, thinking it was the best choice for me, being an innovative and groundbreaking program. It’s very important for me to have the opportunity of completing part of my studies in a company doing an internship, where I can learn the work rules  and how to cooperate with other people. In the global market there is a high level of competition, therefore I think that this kind of program, which links two different ways of teaching, in class and in a company, offers the possibility of creating the right level of education and experience required to compete my professionalism. It allows me to look at the future, hoping that I’ll reach my goals. If I have to think of myself in ten years, I imagine that I’ll work in a luxury company, maybe in the PR office, and even if it will be hard in terms of hours and commitments, I’ll be a happy woman, who can go home satisfied.


Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=343782199&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile_pic

Catarine Cantamessa

foto para post pessoal

Brazilian, born in a probably São Paulo sunny day – as usual!-, after some years I graduated in business administration at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, in Florianópolis, the “magic island”. Left my home country for a while to experience a little bit more of the world, in Cyprus/Turkey and Annecy/France, out there I got sure of the shining effect that new things have on my eyes. Back to Brazil I started a professional life in Supply Chain and studied a bit more about International Trade and Negotiation too.

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Ilaria Diotallevi

I will apply the first rule of writing: make it short and sweet.

My name is Ilaria, I am 25. I’m a law graduate, turned international journalist, turned assistant MEP, now hoping to turn journalist-or-press-officer in the luxury field.

Writing is my passion, ballet is my therapy, shopping is my vice, living to the fullest is my greatest hope.

The city of my dreams? Paris. My favorite food? Sushi. My favorite hobby? Too many to be counted. There are so many exciting things to experience around us! My favorite animal? Cat (but I have a little spoiled princess dog that I adore). My favorite book? Impossible to tell. I read always, everywhere, anything. And, even if the “intellighenzia” of readers would be disgusted, I tend to like trash romantic comedies and absurd fantasy novels as well as my beloved french, english and russian literature. Last but not least, what drives my life? Beauty and Love. I look for them, I live of them.

Better to stop here, because my thoughts go faster than I can stand and I risk to contradict my opening.

And anyway, isn’t a bit of mystery the better presentation? 😉


Bianca Maria Reali




Life is too short to waste time living someone else’s life!

Be your charming you, react to the music that makes you move, share your smile and  drink excellent    wine.

This is my mantra!

Who am I?

Blonde and bright thinking,

27 years old, I have studied Mandarin for nearly 7 years in Rome, Venice, Milan and Beijing but I still consider it as my Rubik’s Cube! I love my Country and its flawless manufacture and I would really like to devote myself to them.

Until now my study background and work experiences have polarized on the promotion and sales of excellent Made in Italy, from gourmet food, to great wine to flawless clothing, arts and music. With wealthy  foreign customers as my target.

I worked as a consultant for a fundraiser company based in Milan, stressing on Italian Know-how on philantropic projects. I was a chinese-Italian translator and promoter for a Italian Design Institute, an assistant Director for an Opera festival in Perugia and agent for an Italian music duo in Hong Kong.

I was a foreign sales and supply chain employee for a bike designer and I had the chance to learn the importance and power of the Italian “Gusto” and our innate creativity.

I was a sales assistant in Peuterey boutique in Milan and had an amazing job experince as commercial employee and guide in a Winery in Montalcino that taught me a lot about the charming world of wine and the value of heritage and tradition of a Company.

And finally my favourite and richest experience at  Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong & Macao, that summed up all my desires, skills and interests. In Hong Kong I had the chance to be immersed in a totally international context, to meet and work for people from all over the world, to deal with some of the best italian luxury brands -such as Ferragamo, Cucinelli, Maserati just to name some ones.

I had the possibility to organize all kind of events for the promotion of Made in Italy, from cars, wine, food, frangrances, arts, music, and the tasks I was assigned to, with their very strict deadlines were challenging and exciting at the same time.

I did my job with passion and all my energy because I firmly believe in the captivating power of Made in Italy and irreplaceable quality of Italian craftsmanship. When it comes to luxury, Italian  food, wine and fashion they all boast the perfect taste, something intangible, due to our history, centuries of tradition, and our sense of beauty.

For all these reasons I really would love to become a manager of Italian Luxury in the world.

But Italian Luxury has to be promoted and marketed in a proper way and I still miss all the credentials.

That’s why I decided to apply for The International Master Luxury Management.

Voilà my story!


Until last month I had a good job, my house, my car and my daily schedule.  I overturned my life.

Now I am back to school, I have new books to study, billion of data to collect, and I often feel I am the most ignorant person in the class 😉

BUT I know this is my path, it’s me!

As stated the brilliant Steve Jobs:  “If you don’t love something, you’re not going to go the extra mile, work the extra weekend, challenge the status quo as much.”

….So let’s work hard on it, day by day and…last but not least,  let’s have fun in this fashion Milan!!

See you soon,


foto blog


Photo Credits: www.jingdaily.com/tag/karl-lagerfeld/; www.sosasha.com/2013/01/the-rising-sun-vogue-italia-x-fei-fei-sun/

Dalila Coppeta

I was born in the South of Italy in 1988. To be more precise, I’m from Naples, the city of sea, sun , pizza and Sfogliatella.

I graduated in Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication at the University of Naples, l’Orientale.

I studied English, Arabic and Spanish during my university career.

I’m really keen on learning and knowing other cultures and languages.

Thank to a scholarship won about a year ago, I had the opportunity to work as a trainee for nearly 5 months in a Anglo-arabic Marketing company in London which included a School of English language as well.

I worked as translator and interpreter as well as language assistant and events and communication agent. I improved many skills useful to work in a company.

I’m a willing, open-minded and determined person even if sometimes I’m a little bit stubborn.

I love singing, watching American telefilms and travelling a lot; but there’s only one thing that I’ll never “leave”all

my lifetime: my family. Family for me is not important but it’s everything.

Furthermore I have always had a strong passion for fashion, luxury and everything related to this intriguing, stimulating and fascinating world.

The sectors I’m profoundly interested in are different, such as Jewellery, Accessories , Sartorial apparel and many others of luxury field.

I have a particular inclination for Communication, Events and International relations (export of made in Italy).

Nonetheless I want to learn deeply also the economic aspects and stategies in order to acquire all the skills needed to be an efficient and valuable element in the company I’ll be working for.

For the first time I discovered a Master that includes both my biggest passion: English and Fashion and Luxury world.

In this manner I can continue practicing my English while studying the specifities of Luxury Management and its career possibilities in a combination of passion and professionalism.

I’m ready to study hard and make many sacrifices in order to reach my goals.

I’m quite sure that the Master of Il Sole24ore will provide me with all the basis and crucial skills to start a brilliant career, but I’m also aware that my future is in “my hands”.

I’ll do the best for myself, for all the sacrifices i’ve made until now and for all the people who believe in me.




Federica Marconi Fornari

I am 23 years old, Leo, wholly made in Italy, graduate at IULM University in Communication Media and Advertising. Soon after graduation I moved alone to Miami for a work experience in FENDI Casa Marketing Department where I learnt and enjoyed every single day! I have always been a very creative person, I chose my university course study because of my predisposition toward literature and my passion for creative writing. I really enjoy playing my piano, practicing both yoga and pole dancing and baking (like no tomorrow) all kind of sweets but in a very personal-healthy version in order to keep an healthy lifestyle!

My greatest passion is linked to Motorsport in fact I love watching Formula1 and reading cars magazines. I still love to write and last year I tried a collaboration with an Australian online magazine: The article was about the Luxury fashion brands collaborations with fast fashion chains. Thanks to this experiment, I felt growing a serious interest toward Luxury field. While I was student at IULM, I have deepened my knowledge for what concerns the Communications Studies and I tried to master the languages I had previously learnt (English, Spanish and French).

Having two Brazilian friends who spoke a little English and very little Italian, I decided to learn myself Portuguese in order to improve my social interaction with them and that was the best decision I could ever take because by learning Portuguese I also discovered another world: a new country and culture with so much to share with!

A great communication between people is the key to share lives and souls deeply. For this reason I believe that communicating properly is like driving a Ferrari: it makes you feel FREE, INDIPENDENT and POWERFUL but it costs efforts, and like always in life (and especially in luxury) nothing is for free! IMG_3448.JPG http://it.linkedin.com/pub/federica-marconi-fornari/41/611/908

Pic credits: http://blog.alwaysfashion.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Kate-Moss-Ritz-Paris.jpg

Valentina Maria Fabbri

I was born on the 14th of May 1987 and I am a Master’s Graduate (November 2013) from the Faculty of Government Sciences and Public Communications at LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome.

During my university career I have had the opportunity to explore the fields related to social sciences and my passion for the industrial sectors related to luxury, cosmetics and haute couture have also brought me to expand upon my personal understanding through independent research and studies. Completely obsessed by Luxury cosmetics, definetely my first love, which really inspired me and together with travel passion and chic french films, it encouraged me to consider the luxury world as a concrete working opportunity.

My actual working experiences were right in the heart of the Parisian luxury industry: the first one as a sales and shop management assistant and the second one as a showroom assistant (October 2013 – September 2014).

Through them I came to understand two important aspects: first of all, one of the main purposes of this highly specialised industry, which makes up the world of Luxury and haute couture, is the ability to successfully construct accurate projections and create eye-catching and constantly desirable imagines that have as their principle goal to “sell a dream”. I want to become able to propose and sell that sparkling dream, already being supported by a certain sensitivity, curiosity and enthousiasm.

To conclude, I realised that I needed to further integrate my preparation with additional courses of study, which are aimed to provide me with specific knowledge and tools directly related to management within the luxury industry. This, above all, will contribute to becoming a more attractive resource for a prospective employer. I hope and expect that the full-time Master programme in “Luxury Management” promoted by Sole 24ore will help me to fulfill my objectives.

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